Seeds Travel
In a peaceful ocean world.
An evil come. He is staying here but brings a lot of natural disasters.
A hero with long sword is now fighting with this evil.

This is a one way attacking RPG. We can use your finger to kill the evils.

Let's Vent!
Make attacks to generation after generation of the devils. To earn more and more experience.

Let's FEVER!
All companions attack together. Do not stop, rolled eyes devil can be in pursuit.

Let's Liberate!
Unlock the seven heroes from different waters, to round with the devils.

Let's Upgrade!
Use the experience gained, to toward the level of 999. Make a billions of damage.

Let's Transfer!
Let the heroes entered the next level of job, and finally to ten times the power of the ultimate career.

Let's Hang Up!
When you are not running the game, the heroes would quietly work for you.

Release Date: Avaible Now
Platform: iOS, Android